anonymous reader writes: anonymous web browsing

Unless your government will execute you for watching the “Bed intruder song” , Tor my not be for you. However, if your life depends on it, Tor is what your looking for.

The Tor Project is a tool that prevents websites from tracking your activity by using virtual online tunnels and protects against network surveillance. It will also leaves no trace on the host PC, leaving no evidence of your web browsing behind. The software is easy to use and can be carried on a USB flash drive wherever you go.

Tor doesn’t always play well with websites. This is because websites use things like scripting technologies that can potentially expose you.

I personally don’t use Tor very often,  but if I ever find myself stranded in an Iranian internet cafe, you bet your ass I’ll be using it.

I recommend you use Tor specifically for anything that you don’t want traced back to you and use your normal browser for innocuous web activities.

The one thing I would caution when using Tor is that the extra precautions taken to protect your privacy can draw unwanted suspicion. It may not be the best topic to discuss at the office water cooler.

Check out this intro video about the Tor Project.

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